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[focus_title_nd color=”red” title=”SPORTS”]

SPORTS: Al Barkaat Public School has a proud history in sports in the district of Aligarh. The school has extensive first class sporting facilities designed to provide a full range of activities for boys and girls. The school is also known for its sporting excellence in coaching. Over the years the school has helped produce many sporting champions through highly professional coaching and mentoring programs. The school brings together all sports and all levels of facility through the highest standards of facilities and outstanding opportunities for participation, performance and personal development which has help the institution to win laurels in a multitude of inter and intra school competitions.

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Language  Lab: Spoken English programme has never looked back since its introduction in the school  as it is the prime need of the hour. Handsomely framed time table falls in the lot of the language lab incharge  who administers twin periods with each section of each class at a time. Students are give topics to prepare their write-ups and are made to undergo  rigorous drills of pronunciation. The lab is equipped with an ultra smart projector and loud speakers  which allow the instructor  to deal with the students  freely without any concern regarding power cuts or sound problems. The lab also contains 30-40 individual computer systems to enable the students perform speaking skills and evaluation tests on the individual basis.

[focus_title_nd color=”green” title=”MATHEMATICS LAB”]

Physical Health Education lab: The physical fitness facilitates the improvement of health and fitness and well being of students of all ages and abilities. Under close teacher supervision, students help in setting up and maintaining the fitness facilities like preparing an inventory of PE/sports material, weight management and training equipments and state of the art sports equipments which surely meet the required standards.

[focus_title_nd color=”violet” title=”PHYSICAL HEALTH EDUCATION LAB”]

Mathematics  Lab:

Likewise the mathematics lab is one of the wonders under the supervision of the master minds of computation who are also eminent  staff members of the Barkaatian fraternity. The lab contains all the geometrical and  arithmetical figures, theorems and rules needed by Secondary / Sr. Secondary students. Shelves and cupboards of the lab carry numerous shapes and instruments arranged in a systematic way for the students of  VI to XII standard. To begin with , there are geometrical shapes ranging from simple (Circle, cylinder, sphere, cone, pyramid) to complex (3-D geometrical shapes). A complete Maths lab  kit and big  geometric box for black board use is occasionally used by the secondary students. Sometimes, shapes are also used to demonstrate and clarify problem sums.

This is against the help needed by the Sr. Secondary students whose level takes them beyond shapes and basic formulae. Senior students seek assistance from theorems, derivations, log tables, etc. All this learner – centered angle of the study comes full circle with the portraits of famous mathematicians which continue to inspire the children to work wonders in this computational field and enter the pages of history.

[focus_title_nd color=”red” title=”SCIENCE LAB”]

Physics Lab: This lab is the most light hearted, spacious  and wonderfully ventilated lab of the school where the students can feel cozy , air light and stress free inspite of the well known tough gesture of the subject. The walls of the lab alongwith the side marble tables as well as the cabinets beneath are appreciably stocked  with readymade / handmade chart papers , magnetic  pieces switch boards clip boards , wires , bulbs, spring balance stands, clay models,prisms, etc. to facilitate the students to apply the theoretical knowledge and acquire expertise in the respective practical field. Situated on the top floor in the school , this fabulous  laboratory is no less than a refreshing agent to the scholars who are pressurized under the burden of their Secondary / Sr. Secondary level studies.

Biology Lab:  This lab is itself a manifestation of human company with all the skeletons , internal delicacies  of the human body and its various functions displayed on the chart papers , clay or collage  models. Other wonders are the numerous specimen of animalia  belonging to various classes or  phyla in   brine water and other preservatives which keeps them from  decaying . This lab is a  mid -step  between Physics & Chemistry labs and it is gloriously located on the first floor.

Chemistry Lab:  Administered by the most vigilant eyes and the lab incharges, this lab is situated on the ground floor and it is ensured that it is never left unattended due to the presence of the chemicals inside it. Richly supplied with all sorts of usable chemicals at  Secondary / Sr. Secondary level. This lab contains greatest number of charts of periodic tables diagrams of atomic shapes and tables IUPAC names as they were renewed by different scientists at different times in  the field of chemistry. Large number of containers, test tubes, tripod stands, flasks, corks and other instruments are renewed annually. It is ensured that the lab is washed and wiped clean after every few experiments are conducted.

All these labs are richly provided  with furniture, white boards, markers, centre tables, wash basins, exhaust fans, curtained windows and numerous doors for desirable ventilation.

[focus_title_nd color=”yellow” title=”COMPUTER LAB”]

Computer lab: The institution has invested in extensive labs and info-tech services – computers, multimedia, web designing, all of which support the academic programme effectively. Students are aided with internet network, digital projectors, active white boards et al that enable presentations of all media types to support classroom teaching.

[focus_title_nd color=”orange” title=”SCHOOL LIBRARIES”]

Library:  The library of Al-Barkaat is an amazing collection of literary , science  fiction , magazines , newspapers   , academic material and brain boosters. The library harbors reading material regarding almost every epoch  of  literary and scientific history. Latest editions of refresher courses , year books , sample papers  are available at any time and are generously issued to the students bearing library cards which are allotted to them at the  beginning of the session. Located in the institute’s most peaceful zone which is surprisingly , the very centre  of the campus, it is a well lighted and ventilated domed building displaying its own identity in terms  of  structure , dignity , perusal privacy and comfort.

[focus_title_nd color=”greydark” title=”TARBIYAT CLASSES”]

Tarbiyat classes: The specially designedclasses aim to prepare the students for a life of purity and sincerity. This total commitment to character building is based on the ideals of Islamic ethics. It inculcates realization of complete submission to Allah on the level of the individual, the community and humanity at large.

[focus_title_nd color=”violet” title=”SUPERVISED STUDY”]

Supervised study: The inmates of the hostel are assisted by educators who monitor their academic performance through the ably designed hours of supervised study. A detailed track of their assessments is recorded and periodic tests entail brilliance in their grades.

[focus_title_nd color=”green” title=”PROJECTOR ROOMS”]

Projector Rooms: Each  building of  Secondary / Sr. Secondary (Boys / Girls) has its own projector room which is fully air conditioned and is frequently used by the teachers as audio – visual aid for better understanding of the learning topics by the students. Mostly the teachers of Science, SST and languages use the room for showing the illustrations  or stories recorded on  CDs / DVDs. The projector rooms span 70-80 students each.